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Archive for the ‘POTW’ Category

Nov '12

POTW #4 – Nature in Sin City, cont….

The second part of the Nature in Sin City series is mainly focused on the Valley of Fire state parks and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (whew! what a long name!) Valley of Fire State Park This is a must-visit place if you love desert scenery, petroglyph (ancient Indian rock art) and strange looking […]

Jul '11

POTW #3 – Nature in Sin City, Part 1 of 2

The Nature that surrounds Sin City (Las Vegas) What comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to Vegas? Glasses of Margarita? The sound of coins dropping from a slot machine followed by cheering from a lucky gambler? The murmur from hungry patrons who are waiting in buffet line for almost an hour? Or the Elvis impersonator that […]

Apr '11

POTW – Waterfalls in Hana

Please note. As of 2007, accessing Blue Pool and Blue Angel Fall has become an issue with local residents. From my research, the pool is not a private property. However the access the pool, tourists will have to pass a private driveway. I read several stories of confrontation between tourists and locals. Please respect the […]

Feb '11

POTW (Place of the Week) – #1 Sand Sledding

This blog is dedicated to my beloved wife, Cora. She is not only the love of my life, but my off-road copilot, partner in crime (for skindipping :p ), my inspiration, my piano teacher and my swimming coach. For those who know me, good to see your guys here again. You may have seen all […]

Mar '07

Death Valley National Park 1 / 2

You may think this picture is from somewhere in the desert of Northern Africa. In fact, it was taken here in the beautiful golden state. Besides high living standards, constant traffic jam and tough car emission regulation, I am very lucky to live in the great state of California. The place is a collection of many different types of […]