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May '13

Strive For Greatness, Get Great Equipment

If you feel strongly about an art form as I do about photography, you strive constantly for better, for greater, for a more unique style. Some can be learned and some cannot. Sure there are techniques that we can develop and learn that will help, but sometimes the fact of the matter is that the equipment matters. If you use terrible equipment, you are going to notice it, both in the taking of the photos and then later when you’re developing and manipulating the images. I made that realization a long time ago, when I thought I could get away with low quality photography studio equipment. I was struggling to understand why the images just weren’t coming out the way I was hoping. When I upgraded my photography equipment – and I’m talking cameras and lenses too, all things you need for the production and capturing of images – I saw such a noticeable improvement in my work. It’s funny, when that happens, on one hand you’re excited that you’ve made this change and your work is so vastly improved without really having done anything, but on the other hand you’re a little frustrated that you didn’t make the change earlier. Just think about how much more your career would have progressed if you’d done the upgrade sooner? I think part of us, artist professionals, are stubborn, and we honestly think our talent is all that matters and that we can’t possibly be constrained by our materials, and it’s our artistic vision that matters most. Well, unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Even Picasso would have been terrible had he been forced to use paints made for a fifth grader. It’s just a fact of the matter that what you use is important. From there, yes, artistic values matter. So don’t do yourself a disservice, get good quality materials. You can do so, like I do, at www.thelashop.com. They pretty much have everything you’ll need!

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